What is RADIONICS? In radionic theory, all living things radiate an electromagnetic field which has different characteristics in health and disease conditions. Energy patterns are given a numerical value or "rate", usually calibrated on the dials of the diagnostic apparatus. Radionics is based on this principle and that everyone and everything has its own particular energy emanation and practitioners use sensitive electronic equipment to detect the presence and intensity of such emanations. In the U.S., U.K., and Europe, Radionics equipment is being used extensively for the analysis and treatment of a wide range of conditions.

Everyone remembers

Everyone remembers one of these companies from childhood because its drug stores were on the corner of every neighborhood in America. Its soda fountain was a favorite hangout for kids after school. At its peak this giant company, which was started in 1903, had 24,000 drug stores. (By comparison, McDonald's currently has only 13,500 fast food restaurants. And you thought McDonald's was everywhere!) In fact, this company was America's first franchise. But over the past 15 years it shifted focus from drugs to nutritionals, becoming the nation's largest source of natural wellness products.

This company's product line of 175 all-natural health supplement formulas consists of blends of nutrients in proper balance according to the body's needs. The use of blends is far more efficient and economical than taking doses of, for example, Vitamin C or Vitamin E in individual capsules. These formulas include several patented products, too. For example, two of these exclusively patented products treat the non-surgical reversal of cardiovascular disease and lowering of cholesterol. This company is the ONLY source for some of these unique blends and formulas. These prevention products are unavailable elsewhere for those who are searching to escape dependency upon chemical and toxic prescription drugs with their side effects.

And even though many distributors of this company's unique products are healthcare professionals, most distributors are average men and women who jump at the chance for an outstanding business opportunity. And every distributor starts on a part-time basis and transitions to full-time as their business grows in profitability. Now, because of the debut of an exhaustive $16 million Web site, business growth can be quicker and easier than ever.

Most of us who become distributors for this company recognize our own need to become consumers. We understand this problem is personal, and once we find the solution, we want the product benefits for ourselves. Maybe we're a little selfish.

My son, Richard, was diagnosed with (severe hypertension). Since he was seven, he has struggled with mood swings, frustration, school work and even enjoyable activities like watching a movie. He was very destructive at times and picked fights with other children. I was very resistant to putting him on prescription medication and tried many "natural" remedies. It's now been about a month since he has been taking (two of the Company's products). Within days of starting these homeopathic products I noticed a big difference. Now others are noticing, too. He calms himself down and excuses himself when he needs time out. His moods are much more stable and he is much more pleasant to be around....Now he offers to help at home and at school....He doesn't forget what he's been asked to do and gets it done. The Special Education teacher I work with who sees Richard daily after school described him as a tornado. When Richard entered her classroom, she didn't even have to see him; she could feel his presence and he disrupted her classroom for the rest of the afternoon. Now he is a gentleman.

Debbie Mills, Windsor, CA

For me, I had a potential health hazard with my heart. My father and grandfather both died prematurely of heart attacks. Because of this genetic predisposition, I began taking this company's products for cardiovascular health. Then awhile back I was awakening frequently during the night for a visit to the bathroom - as many as six times each night. Wow, was I tired and dragging all next day! Until I began taking a product for prostate health. So I immediately resolved some health issues in my own life with these products.

But, ultimately, all of us distributors have been attracted to this company because marketing these vital high-demand products represents a phenomenal business opportunity!