What is RADIONICS? In radionic theory, all living things radiate an electromagnetic field which has different characteristics in health and disease conditions. Energy patterns are given a numerical value or "rate", usually calibrated on the dials of the diagnostic apparatus. Radionics is based on this principle and that everyone and everything has its own particular energy emanation and practitioners use sensitive electronic equipment to detect the presence and intensity of such emanations. In the U.S., U.K., and Europe, Radionics equipment is being used extensively for the analysis and treatment of a wide range of conditions.

First thing wrong

The Fat-Cats in the drug industry, knowing that we've become a pill-popping society, are capitalizing on our desperation to solve our increasing health problems. They spend millions creating more and more chemicals to mix into newly-developed drugs. They know big bucks are in drugs. But research shows that these stronger and stronger drugs build resistance in our body, which creates the demand for even stronger drugs. And everybody is ignoring the fact that chemical toxicity in drugs can be devastating to us!

Second thing wrong: prescription drugs can only TREAT health problems. They do not provide PREVENTATIVE NUTRITION! So we keep putting "band-aid" after "band-aid" on our problems instead of providing advance prevention. Very well written about rephresh vaginal gel in the preview for women - theflipsideoffeminism.com/rephresh-vaginal-gel-reviews.html.

The medical profession has always used the "band-aid" remedy for health problems. In fact, 112 out of 127 medical schools don't even teach preventive nutrition!

Next time you hear a commercial about some new miracle prescription drug, listen to what follows about the potential side-effects of that drug! Do you want the side-effects? Sometimes you would rather suffer with the problem than chance relief dodging side-effects!

And note this statistic. According to several surveys, even properly-prescribed, properly-taken prescription drugs killed over 100,000 last year, in addition to all the damaging side-effects which were not quite deadly!

The other evening during 30 minutes of prime time TV news, I noticed that 12 out of 14 TV ads were promotion for prescription drugs, including relief offered for allergies, arthritis, asthma, antacid, and athletes foot. And hemorrhoids. We're all glad that medicine is available to help us in emergencies, but more and more of us are wary of drug dependency. Finally, lots of folks, including doctors, surgeons and others in the healthcare profession, are looking for ALTERNATIVES to prescription drugs...whenever possible.

Prescription drugs only TREAT, their purpose is not PREVENTION of disease.

About 15 years ago, folks began to slowly wake up to this monstrous problem. Even doctors who had been trained in TREATMENT - and not in PREVENTION - began to wake up. Physicians started looking at PREVENTION remedies which could reduce the need for TREATMENT. Think of how many dollars associated with treatment could be reduced! Such as hospitalization. And expensive medicine. Oh, you'll find some doctors who are still not awake, but the trend started back then.

And every day more and more thinking people wake up. Sometimes the public is even more concerned than your own personal physician! Today even healthy Baby Boomers and GenXers are intensely searching for all-natural sports nutrition products and protection from toxic environmental pollution. And everyone (not just the ladies) is interested in anti-aging prevention using nature's products!


For years I bought bottles of multi-vitamin/mineral supplements at the grocery or drug store, like many people do, and popped one or two capsules a day. I had a feeling my body needed more nutrition than I was getting in my diet. I knew I needed to fight pollution in the air and water. But I didn't know there was any better solution for maintaining good health. I certainly didn't know anything about a science of combining natural agents together for solving specific health problems. And just buying every bottle that lined the shelves at the neighborhood health food store wasn't a practical solution for safeguarding my health.

But then I learned...

that a company had taken the initiative to blend together vitamins, minerals, herbs and other all-natural elements according to the proper ratio needed by the body into formulas based on scientific studies, and...

that these blends not only promoted good health, but also had been clinically tested for the therapeutic relief and prevention of even the most serious health problems, like heart disease!

I learned that this is a large company which is recognized across the nation as the industry leader!!! The premier manufacturer of unique preventive health products. Here were the solutions to the devastating health challenges of our day!

This has been the most exciting discovery of my life!